CTC 4.0 for IBM Web Content Manager

January 31 2013 Kommentarer [0]
Här kommer lite uppdateringar kring "Content Template Catalog" (CTC) för WCM. Det är vår begåvade kollega Michael Broekman som postar denna uppdatering.

"Mike" works in our Swedish Technical Sales team and is our expert on Portal/WCM. He comes from South Africa and has been working for ISSL (Lotus Services) in UK prior to joining our team here in Sweden. He's now based in Malmö where he lives.
Why he choose to move to Sweden and Malmö of all places you have to hook up with Mike in person and ask him directly.
Image:CTC 4.0 for IBM Web Content Manager

Image:CTC 4.0 for IBM Web Content Manager
  • The CTC specific theme is now gone and CTC theme is added as a separate profile in the portal theme
  • Device detection plugin  - now one can conditionally show content / elements based on the device e.g rendering of different size images depending on which device is browsing the site.
  • In place editing - this has been updated so that content authors can edit the content directly inline and no pop-up tomedit the content. There is also a pattern implemented for dealing with non-visible data shown on the page under a different section.
  • There is a new "new item" action - it creates a draft content item and puts you in inline editing mode immediately  
  • WCM is configured to show the content properties, vi a UI popup and this is where you can also set rules for displaying different content based on the device etc.
  • New Site builder - is a wizard style interface allowing the user to create a microsite quickly based off of a set of predefined page templates
  • Localization - a new translatation plugin will now allows you to translate areas of the site that you were unable to translate using the MLS. E.g where text is placed in an HTML component.
  • The are some new pre-built display components, I.e. new slideshow and caurosel viewers.  
  • New templates  
  • Blank -sets up the WCM artifacts but is a blank portal page
  • Video - HTML 5 video small / full screen  
  • Search - new ability to scope your searches e.g. To a particular library or specific site area (website). Also has hidden page for search results and filter intercepts request and opens item on appropriate page
  • Upgrades - CTC 4 installs over the top of CTC 3 - suggestion that you deploy into a test environment first as you probably need to update your existing theme into the CTC4 one
  • Text on the main slideshows and carousel images are now editable and can be styled differently on different pages
  • We have added CTC specific style that draws a border around each of the content portlets.
  • CTC documentation is available in the portal wiki and code downloadable from the solutions catalog.